Mudjacking Near Me

Mudjacking is not a new procedure. The process to lift sunken concrete is currently in its 8th decade of existence. It is an easy and affordable procedure to fix specific issues with cement.

What is mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the procedure of lifting sunken concrete slabs by pumping a mixture of cement, water, and sand into a hole beneath the surface. The applied hydraulic pressure raises the cement slab to its original level. The mixture fills the void beneath the slab to maintain the proper position for an extended period.

Look for a professional when searching online for a “mudjacking near me” as it requires professional equipment and skill. The contractor has to know the correct mixing process to ensure that the void gets a durable and long-lasting filling. They should also understand how the particular repair will cure to offer helpful advice to the owners, management, or users of the building or property in question.

What Areas can Benefit From Mudjacking?

  • Filling voids
  • Raising floors in the interior of a building
  • Filling cracked sidewalks
  • Leveling uneven patios
  • Repairing damaged driveways
  • Restoration of sagging parking lots
  • Repair of fractured pool decks
  • Raising sunken porches

Searching for “ mudjacking near me” contractor is a better decision than ignoring the issue. Advance Void Fill & Mudjacking LLC is a Better Business Bureau Accredited company that has many positive reviews on its commitment and professionalism. Call our offices at 816-550-1364 to learn more or to set up a quick and easy consultation in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

What are the Benefits of Mudjacking Near Me?

Saves money

Mudjacking comes at a price that is well below that of replacing the cement slab. It uses fewer materials that cost less, ultimately reducing the price. It is also less expensive than the alternative process, slab jacking, which uses a more complex procedure.

Permanent fixture

Replacing the slab does not address the problem underneath the surface. The new slab is bound to experience similar issues in the future. Mudjacking resolves the issues from the roots, which will provide a more stable and secure repair outlasting the newly replaced slab.

It’s fast

Mixing and pumping the mudjacking solution takes less than a day. Small projects will be exceedingly quick and take up only one or two hours of the day. Replacement of a slab will take a week to cure, and even longer before it can allow heavy usage.

Reduced mess

Tearing up the old concrete before replacing it with a new one will keep the area messy for a much longer time than mudjacking. The nearby landscape is also bound to have some damage from the removal of the old concrete and the preparation and pouring of the slab. Mudjacking will allow you and anyone who uses the area to go about their usual routine without posing damage to new construction.

It is aesthetic

Mudjacking does not tamper with the top surface of the area. It is much more difficult to interfere with the color and texture of the slab when you are only pumping the new construction material into the void underneath. The repair work will be nearly impossible to identify.


The cement slurry has natural materials. Exerting pressure does not utilize a lot of energy or dispose of waste into the environment. You will appreciate the repair method if you have principles that take the high road of eco-friendliness.

Living in the Kansas City metropolitan area and searching for a reliable contractor to perform a “mudjacking near me?” Search no further! Advance Void Fill & Mudjacking LLC will provide you fast and professional services. Call us today to learn more.  

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