Garage Floor Coatings MN

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Garage Floor Coatings MN

For the best garage floor coatings in MN, purchase your products from Unique Concrete Coatings. Feel free to contact us at any time for an estimate or to get answers to your questions. Unique Concrete Coatings is committed to providing the highest value in terms of our products and services, and we can probably help you in more ways than you realize! Here are the top 10 products and services that can help for your garage floor coatings in MN:

#1: Garage Floor Coatings

Nobody has a better selection of garage floor coatings in Minnesota than Unique Concrete Coatings does! We provide premium multi-coat epoxy systems that contain your primer coat, 100% solids basecoat, acrylic colored paint chips (optional), and one or two topcoats of clear epoxy or polyurethane, depending on the application.

#2: Custom Floor Decals

Your garage floor - your design - you will live with it! Your garage should be inviting. Having your business logo, a message, or a picture of something that means a lot to you on your floor can make your garage more attractive and inspiring. We provide custom floor decals.

#3: Flake Floors

Sprinkling your garage floor coating with epoxy flakes can give your garage floor a unique, attractive charm. These systems are durable, seamless, and chemical-resistant. You'll enjoy the adjustable levels of slight texture and color that can be used to match any existing design or environment.

#4: Metallic Floors

Unique Concrete Coatings can apply a metallic epoxy floor coating for you. All different color variations are available for those who are interested in metallic-colored garage floor coatings.  

#5: Crack Repair

If you have cracks in your garage floor, these must be repaired properly before your garage floor coating is applied. Let Unique Floor Coatings take care of this for you. We are trained and experienced in garage floor crack repair.

#6: Carpet Removal

Sometimes, old garages have old carpets in them. It can be a real pain to rip out all of the carpet. Unique Concrete Coatings can remove your old carpet, dispose of it properly, and apply your garage floor coating for you.

#7: Concrete Diamond Grinding

By using concrete diamond grinding, Unique Concrete Coatings can rehabilitate your garage floor, correcting any flaws that may exist, such as faulting and roughness. This will create a nice, smooth pavement surface that is needed for applying a garage floor coating.

#8: Concrete Overlays

If your existing concrete is damaged, stained, or in bad shape, we can provide you with a concrete overlay to serve as a decorative or cosmetic solution. Overlays can be applied in thin or thick finishes.

#9: Epoxy Coatings

We have the best epoxies in the world that can be used on everything from garage floors to countertops, decks, and more. Unique Concrete Coatings provides only the most durable epoxies on the market.

#10: Surface Prep

Not only do we provide the best garage floor coatings in MN, but we can install them too, and that includes all of the necessary surface preparation.


Garage Floor Coatings MN
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