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Advance Void Fill & Mudjacking, LLC specializes in void filling and lifting concrete slabs like garage and basement floors, patios, and driveways for residential and commercial customers. The Midwest weather is known for its extremes. One year can be floods and the next drought. These conditions can cause soil to shift, leaving a void under the concrete. Void filling, or mudjacking, can raise sunken concrete by filling the underground voids, a process far less expensive than removal and replacement of the concrete slab. We service the following counties in the greater Kansas City area; Johnson, Jackson, and Wyandotte. We also service Independence, St. Joseph, Blue Springs, Lee Summit, Liberty, Gladstone, Raytown, Cameron, Kearney, Holt, Trenton, and Chillicothe in Missouri. We service Mt. Ayr, Centerville, and Leon in Iowa.
Experience matters, and that’s what you get with Advanced Void Fill & Mudjacking, LLC!
Whether it’s:
  • Steps leading up to your front door.
  • The sidewalk along side your house.
  • Your back patio.
  • A sidewalk to the street.
  • The Garage apron, floor or driveway.
  • The sidewalk from your house to your garage.
  • All trip hazards.
We know SAFETY AROUND YOUR HOME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Now, it’s so easy and affordable to REPAIR THE HAZARDS that may exist around your property. Making it safe for your family, guests, neighborhood children, and the elderly. We know you CARE ENOUGH TO HAVE THE MOST EXPERIENCED company repair the safety hazards that may exist around your property! We can help you and at half the cost of replacing sunken or uneven concrete!