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Advanced Voidfill & Mudjacking, specializes in void filling and lifting concrete slabs like garage floors and basement floors, patios, and driveways for residential and commercial customers.

Mud Jacking

Man drilling a concrete road - Foundation Repair in Kearney, MO
Mudjacking is a process of raising settled concrete slabs by drilling holes through the slab and pumping a sand/cement mixture under the slab. This process allows the slab to be “raised” back to its original position.
Concrete lift  Foundation Repair in Kearney, MO
Mudjacking is commonly referred to as “concrete lifting”, “slabjacking”, “grout pumping”, "polyjacking" and “pressure grouting” but they all mean the same thing – raising settled concrete slabs.
Patios sidewalks  Foundation Repair in Kearney, MO
CMudjacking can be performed to raise a wide variety of concrete slabs such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, slab garages, basement floors, slab houses, steps and swimming pool aprons.

Void Filing

Void Filling fills up the spaces (voids) under your concrete that have occurred as a result of soil erosion or where settling has occurred. If water has gotten under your concrete slabs, it can cause soil erosion and your slabs will sink into the void left behind where the soil used to be. Also, if the area around your foundation has settled over time because it may not have been properly compacted, this will cause your concrete to sink as well.
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Mud jacking is the way to add fill under your concrete slab. You may not be able to see it, but the soil underneath has settled under the concrete slab, garage floor, or wherever the problem area is at. As a result, you see signs of cracking, re-bar popping out or Uneven joints.
Cracked concrete - Foundation Repair in Kearney, MO
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Overview of SlabJacking - Foundation Repair in Kearney, MO

Causes of Voids

In many cases, water can be the cause of the void if there is a downspout discharging water next to the slab which is causing the soil to erode away. For a more long term fix, we will look for these problems and offer solutions to fix them. In other cases, the void can be caused by back fill settling around the foundation which is normal in houses 10+years or older. Most homeowners will have to add dirt around the foundation because of settlement.